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List of services

The company “Standards for People” provides the following services:

1. Description of processes

2. Program settings

3. Implementation of systems based on standards: ISO 22000, ISO 9001 (drafting of documents, consultations on implementation, consultations on processing)

4. Sale of licenses of software products

5. Conducting training on working in programs (in the office or via Zoom, Viber, Telegram)

6. Selection and recommendation of goods necessary for the implementation of management systems

7. Sale of training on the implementation of systems in the form of courses available via the Internet

8. Construction of the design of system-dynamic, flow models for the purpose of: forecasting situations, calculating the volume and number of storage devices to create an effective architecture of model elements and their relationships

All services are offered in electronic form Terms and conditions related to costs: based on the fact that hiring services, consulting on supplies are not refundable and software billing services without maintenance are also not considered refundable for those that can be taken with you upon delivery, and even the cost of delivery after delivery is impossible. All services can be provided regularly for publication in the offer hours:

Public contract-offer on the protection of commercial information and personal datahttps://pravila.best/trade_secret_agreement/
Provision of services to non-residents of Ukrainehttps://pravila.best/public-offer-agreement
Thus, I can serve me to sign the final contract (with invoices, acts and other documents). 
It is possible to sign the contract both in the first review and in the additional EDS.
Payment for services can be made by paying the invoice issued and signed in Paperless from the supplier to the buyer.

We respect and honor our customers! 
We try to create a relaxed atmosphere of communication and mutual understanding.

Legal name: PE NV Skachkova Legal address: 03027 Kyiv region, Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district, Novosilky village, Nova 3,3
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