CRM license is very expensive, isn’t it?

Based on my experience, I can say that many companies that purchase the most expensive license rarely use even half of the functions they pay for. I also adopt a similar approach in selling my services, where I demonstrate all the features of the license to the client, explaining why the developer included them, and let the client decide whether to utilize them. This approach enables the client to maximize the benefits of the license they are investing in.

It is common for clients to require specific functions that are only available in the highest-tier package. I believe this can lead to issues where the company fails to maximize the profitability of the license. We have become accustomed to expecting automation in everything, with artificial intelligence suggesting that all features are readily available, even when this is not the case. Many clients now expect software to match their own ideas and visions of how it should function, which may not align with reality. Each program can only perform as designed.

This is particularly relevant for integration with social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Some blame CRM systems when messages are not delivered, but in truth, Facebook only allows a 24-hour window for message sending. If you miss this window, no CRM system can deliver your message. In such cases, it’s important to be aware of these limitations and adjust strategies accordingly.

What to do in this case?

I believe that each company should understand its business size, whether it is small, large, or medium. Depending on this, the company should select an appropriate license. A small company may not need to purchase a professional license initially; they can start with a free version and make the most of it. As these functions add more value to your product, you can consider upgrading to a more expensive license. Essentially, you should first earn money using the free version and then invest in a more expensive license.

Of course, there will be costs involved, such as hiring someone to help set everything up. However, the return on investment should align with how much automation is needed based on the license purchased. Often, focusing solely on all the functions when choosing a license can become unprofitable because the immediate cost of all desired functions is significant. Let your business grow, and as it progresses, consider upgrading to a new, more expensive license.

My suggestion is to start with the basic version and then upgrade to a more expensive license as your business expands. While expensive plans may offer interesting and valuable features, it is not necessary to begin CRM implementation with the most expensive license. Different situations and companies exist, but if you are a good, stable business with consistent growth or market stability, consider my advice.

Do not shy away from technology just because it seems costly. Utilize tools that benefit your business, and only increase costs for licenses, support, and CRM development as needed and as your business grows. Only then should you consider moving to the next level of licensing.

Yes, we all walk through the car dealership for ourselves. We see Ferraris, we want a sports car, but we don’t buy a sports car for ourselves. We buy what we need now, and what we have money for. This doesn’t mean that a Ferrari doesn’t suit us, or that we don’t like something about Ferrari. It means that we currently have a need for a car, we understand that we need it, and we buy the model that meets our current needs and fits our budget. At some point, we may have enough money for a Ferrari and finally allow ourselves to have it, and we will be happy to use it. But you don’t need to wait if you have enough money for at least some car that will improve the quality of your life. Similarly, with CRM, you don’t need to completely abandon the product and not use it at all if you currently don’t have enough money for very expensive functions.

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